European Arts

european collage

The Europeans Arts started around the rise of the Aegean civilizations, where Ancient Greece produced great poets, writers, and thinkers who all later contributed majorly to the bigger picture known as the Arts of Europe. From Ancient Greece, to Rome, and then the rest of Europe, various art forms appeared in various places and times. Of course, outside influences from the Americans and Asia may have played a role in the formation and ideas of these arts, but the classical ideas were probably the most significant as it helped bring Europe out of the middle ages and into the various ages. For example,the Renaissance saw the rise of great artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael while the Scientific Revolutions brought thinkers such as John Locke, Copernicus, and many others who would help form Europe into what it is today.

Now we’re not going to bore you with long descriptions of European history but we’ll just get right to the point and mention all of the probable topics of the arts that you will find on this blog sooner or later.

  • Classical music ranging from composition made by great composers such as Mozart and Beethoven (from few instruments to a grand orchestra) will make its appearance here.
  • Any music from Europe (more modernize like pop and rock)
  • European paintings from any great age in Europe
  • European food (culinary arts)
  • European scenery

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