This blog is a collaboration between four high school students. We will be sharing and posting our interests.

The header image was a collaboration between all four of us who came up with the idea of missing puzzle pieces. The line-art was drawn by our very own Ms. Spades, who used ink and paper. Then, using a tablet and SAI paint, Ms. Clubs colored the picture digitally (which took about 7 hours).

The Clubs


Believer of magic. Loves art with attention to detail, whimsical characters and a cup of warm ginger tea.

I kid you not.

When we were debating who would get which suit, I immediately claimed clubs as mine.  ♣ This was mostly because of an attachment I have to the notion of a clover (more specifically, a four leaf clover) that brings happiness. And I hope to be able to send such happiness to the people I love.

Blogging is something I rarely ever do, mostly because my thoughts are recorded and stored in my laptop on this neat little program called ommwriter. So this will be a new and interesting experience for me and you, the readers.

There’s something so comforting about having a passion, finding out others – strangers who you would have never have found a connection with before – share your passion and discovering new things about your common interests together. And I think that’s the reason why we blog

The Hearts


A common girl with a common name represented by a common, universal symbol: the heart (♥).

I’m the type of person with many hobbies and activities, but isn’t necessarily outstanding in any of them. My interests are vast, but there’s so much information for each interest, that I only retain the basic information for each one. (Unless for some particular reason, I really, really enjoy a certain interest, then I’ll usually do my research on it.) I’m pretty much open to anything, from ideas to trying out new things.

I’m just a single person amongst seven billion people, and in this group, with three other oustanding people. I hope you could take your time to read my two cents on several subjects.

Thank you for reading my “About Me”.


The Spades

Welcome to tapestryofmusings!  I am known on this blog as Spades (♠).

For this project, I shall most likely be posting about art, music, and perhaps give a few posts on other things as well.  I will also be posting art of my own!  Hopefully viewers such as you will like them.

As an artist, I love to create and share things.  There is nothing that makes me more happy than the feedback I receive from viewers.  Constructive criticism, please!
Just… I have little experience in blogging, so please be patient with me!

Digital Artist with a passion. ♠

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

We are a part of Re:Framed( reframedexperience @ wordpress.com ), the overall main project created by our instructor.  Please check it out!  There are other groups with great blogs.

The Diamonds


Hello to those of you out there in the world! I will be represented by the diamond of the playing cards suit (♦). Thank you for taking your time to check out this blog!

I am…a regular high school girl, a dreamer, and a romantic~
I love Europe’s long history, the architecture, the food, the culture, and the very thought of walking down the cobblestone streets.
I dream of traveling without restrictions.
I want to leave my mark in this world.

My general interest lies in reading well-known classics/novels/manga (ex. Howards End by E.M. Forester), listening/playing music, viewing art, watching animation/cartoons (ex. TMNT 2012, Hetalia, etc.),  and eating delicious food. I believe it is important to smile everyday. Even though it may not cheer yourself up, at least it might make another person’s day better. Just a simple smile~

Live the moment. Enjoy it. Some things can only happen once.

**As a student, I will/may be referencing to the interesting things I learn in class.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Whoa…you guys are SO COOL. *Q* ❤

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