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Warning: This post contains minor spoilers on the book Night.

150 The Day Before

Fanart of The Day Before, a song by NELL – a piece symbolizing death-losing what is slipping away. 

“All eyes were on the child.  He was pale, almost calm, but he was biting his lips as he stood in the shadow of the gallows . . .

At the signal, the three chairs were tipped over . . . The two men were no longer alive.  Their tongues were hanging out, swollen and bluish.

But the third rope was still moving: the child, too light, was still breathing…

And so he remained for more than half an hour, lingering  between life and death, writhing before our eyes . . . 

Behind me, I heard the same man asking:

“For God’s sake, where is God?”  

And from within me, I heard a voice answer:

“Where He is?  This is where—hanging here from this gallows . . .”

-exerpt from Night (64-65)

I cannot merely describe this scene as powerful.  In fact, I don’t have many words to say.

Elie Wiesel so excellently constructed a book with so much strength; in his words, his writing style-even the formatting.

The way he describes each scene portrays all the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs he had at the time.  Every sentence deems itself intricate.

In that scene above-that little scene so small, gave birth to an intense feeling Wiesel felt in that time.  It was the feeling of losing something.

The child is the symbol of innocence, and his slow, painful death shows how it can easily be brought to ruin, but is hard to kill.

At that moment, when he slowly, but surely passed away, that child-like innocence was gone.  Belief, vanished into thin air.  A butterfly’s beating wings torn.

I can only tell you all how I had felt when I read this little scene through my sorrowful silence-to pay respect to those lost in the Holocaust.

A silence that may speak more than words.

This is all that I can say.