Hello, this is Hearts. This year, I’ve taken up an art class for school credits and my (small) interest in designing: Multimedia Design. Just recently, my class went on a field trip to Los Angeles to study and “feel” the architecture, graffiti, art museums, photography, and everything in between. Also recently in my English class, one of our vocabulary words was “art brut” meaning “raw art” in French. Another definition for it was “the notion that all representations, including graffiti, children’s scribblings, etc. are art” which is the definition closely related to what the content of this post is. Also, a forewarning before clicking the read more: There will be a lot of pictures, which most (if not all) are vertical, as I took pictures with my phone.

The bus ride was rather…boring, but it was all worth it when we stopped by “Bread Lounge” before starting off our adventure. And boy, their bread was absolutely delicious with their soft and moist bread (although I wanted their croissants, the store ran out before 10AM, so I got their cheese danish instead). There was also a little interesting bear-shaped…bread on their window.

Alright, enough advertising for now. Up next, we walked around the area, studying the textures, colors, lines, contrasts, and movements of the walls of buildings that were part of the “Los Angeles Free Wall Project”. To summarize what this project was, an idea by Daniel Lahoda to beautify Los Angeles again with beautiful large murals (it’s legal graffiti!) painted on the once-dull walls of the art district in Los Angeles. Something to point out is that all the murals have a different art style and feel to them, so it’s best to see them up close yourself, rather than looking at pictures online. Here are some pictures I’ve took of these murals.

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During my class’ picture taking, however, there was a guy in his car that was taking a picture of us taking pictures of the wall. It’s probably because that it’s not everyday you see a group of students taking pictures of something you see everyday on your way to work.

Also, it’s not just the walls of buildings that have art on them. Electrical boxes, stop signs, and even electric pole lines have been touched by artists.

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Along the way, there was a nice architectural firm that let us in their building to ask questions and explore their building. I must say, it was incredibly interesting to see buildings not of the norm. The ceilings were high and most of their workplace was on the third floor (their stairs went from the first floor to a third floor! There wasn’t a second floor at all). However, I’m sad to say, I didn’t get any pictures of their building since my phone was running low on batteries and I still needed to take pictures at the Museum of Contemporary Art, which is what I’m going to talk about next.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, or MOCA, is basically what its name is. It’s not simply paintings, but sculptures as well. The pictures I’ve taken aren’t much, since I had an assignment to do while at the museum, which was my main focus rather than taking pictures like a tourist.


After that, we had lunch and the architecture of everywhere around us was just so different from the suburban area of which I live in. For example, there was a trolley-like cart that we could use to go down or up a hill. There was also a large fountain that could be drained (which they then used as a stage area). The large buildings (some were hotels) had architecture that wasn’t the same from top to bottom, but two different designs on the very top and on the very bottom.

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If you would ever have the time to visit Los Angeles, I encourage to explore around the area of Downtown Los Angeles, since there’s a vast amount of art around the area, including cool, nifty shops embeded in the city.