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Ms. Monáe is a true music artist.  Her beauty and talent exceeds great boundaries. She puts her heart and soul into her songs-every performance is thrilling!

Sincerely, Jane, the first song I’ve heard from her.  I was curious, and looked up the lyrics-only to be touched by the well-writ, powerful words.

“(While their dreams go down the drain now)

Are we really living, or just walking dead now(Are we walking dead now?)

Or dreaming of the hopes round in the wings of angels?”

I’m sure you’ve all heard of her, or at least seen her in Fun.’s music video of We are Young! (Near 2:30, video contains alcohol and other shenanigans)

Janelle came out with an album, The ArchAndroid,(that continues her previous series, Metropolis)’a fictional tale of a messianic android and features lyrical themes of love, identity, and self-realization.'(Wiki)

What I really love about this album is that every single song pieces together a story-listen carefully for it.

From the album/Singles:

Cold War


Many Moons

Oh, Maker