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Joie de vivre, a term meaning ‘high spirits’ and basically the enthusiasm for life.

It’s a simple concept, and yet I find it so hard to grasp; how we should be happy and just be enthusiastic about life, that is.

There are so much to think about, like our futures and what we are to do-how to plan for the goals we have.

There’s a lot in life-as one may remember the quote, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna to get.”

But there are things that seem to inevitably stay in our lives.

Happiness, sadness, fear, love, hatred… and the list goes on.

How could one focus on just… happiness?

How could someone be able to calm their mind, even just for a while, and live just for living?  Not a single care around?

Perhaps I’m over thinking.  After all, if someone has done it, then others can as well.  The real question for me and perhaps all of you with the same problems are…

How do achieve this way of thinking?

My childhood dream was to become an artist.  And soon as the years passed, it evolved into a much more specific job-a video game concept artist.  I mean, I love video games and I love art-why not combine them?

4 Scenes

I’ve always been into RPGs and Fantasy Worlds!

It has been my passion, and I had heard from some other artists online their wise words, “Draw everyday.”  And so I have.

In learning to pursue my dreams, I’ve found it a lot more motivating.  I felt that with all this effort, I could really become something amazing, like the popular, successful artists of our time.

As I am older now, I found myself spending less and less time drawing, but studying or doing homework and housework and a lot of other priorities that became obstacles in my path.

Not only that, but there are people my age, working as hard or even harder so that they may compete against me for the job I want.  One of the worst fears an artist could have is that they’re not good enough and that others have their same ideas. …Or just others in general.

How could I focus now?  There is so much to do, and so little time.  Even though I’m only a teen, I have so much responsibility already.  And I’m not even an adult yet.

I began to envy those who seemed happy-who seemed to laugh on little things and seemed to keep a healthy, carefree life.

Of course, this way is fruitless.  Envying people will do nothing to help you, nor others.

It lead me back to square one; to just be happy about what we have, to be happy to have tried, changed, conquered, and made good.  To be happy that I am on the right track to achieve my dream, and to be happy even though I may not succeed in getting what I want, because I’ve tried.  We try to be happy as well.

And that’s just it.  It’s just living with joie de vivre.