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FFXIII(The Final Fantasy Series from Square-Soft/-Enix have been at the very top of my game list for many, many years now.  I was practically born a gamer.  The first game I ever finished (my #1 game) was Final Fantasy X, which just fills me with nostalgia. *tear*)

Final Fantasy XIII was a game with stunning graphics…

FFXIII Gameplay

A stunningly beautiful, yet actually pretty normal battle.

And has a wonderful plot…



Serah L'cie

 “I’m a L’cie. Enemy of Cocoon. Danger to us all.”



The Sacrifice


And at last, the last main point of my post, the music.

There are not many games in which I just stop and listen to the music in the background, but I do so for all the Final Fantasy Games I’ve played.

FFXIII has a great soundtrack that will keep you in an upbeat mood, motivating you to stay, fight, and delve deeper and deeper within the game.

The Opening – Piano/Violin Piece

Will to Fight

(My Favorite of all, which was really, really hard to choose)

The Beautiful Lyrics:

Live for your soul, resist now

Yes, choose to fight

Although it seems so far to be a perfect day

Lift up your hands, and redeem your pride

Otherwise, you would have thought she was speaking another language or gibberish!  Nonetheless, it’s beautiful.

And last but not least, some nice elevator music for your enjoyment.

The Yaschas Massif

*And… well, there’s just the entire playlist right here. Play it as you work.  Enjoy!

Hopefully, my post will introduce more gamers to the Final Fantasy Series, or at least show you curious ones the magnificence of this game.  

Me Spreading Love

FFXIII’s story, graphics, and music must be heard and seen!

Lighting 001

(I drew some fanart! *tear* Lightning Farron is such a great character.  Hope you like!  Please like and/or comment at the bottom~)

-The Spades, ♠