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I apologize for the misleading title.  It’s basically what popped into my head when I heard the term ‘Art brut‘ in my English vocab!

Heading away from Caesar (once again, I apologize if you were expecting such a topic)…

Angry Caesar


…I’d like to talk more about Art Brut!

Now, imagine that you are walking home on a lovely day, the sky is a bright blue and the birds are chirping sweetly in your ears…everything is going your way, and so you just feel ever so positive!  Nature’s beauty is right in front of you, and you’re just taking it all in…

…Then as you turn a corner, you trail your hand across the wall, feeling it’s roughness, the tingle of warmth from the sun still in the slab…when suddenly you feel a bump-wait stop.  Weird.  You continue onward… the number of bumps increase–finally, you gaze sideways and–

…You’ve been touching an entire line of chewed gum!


Well, nastiness aside, this wall is an example of Art Brut(also called Raw art and Outsider art)!

Art Brut is ‘the notion that all representations, including graffiti, children’s scribbling, etc.’ are art.

Perhaps the person who had initiated the gum wall affair did not intend for it to happen at all.  However, this happening had people come along and contribute one of their gum pieces to the project-and doesn’t that just make it a whole lot neater?

Of course like graffiti, it’s probably looked down upon by a lot of people.  It’s useless.  It’s unsanitary.  Or it’s just plain weird.  There’s nothing it can do but make the city look like it’s filled with lazy bums who can’t dispose of their trash properly.

But art is weird.  Unlike other things, art has no boundaries.  It can be a colossal mural, or a simple dot on a page.  What people need to do is realize what art really is–art is basically everything.

So maybe the gum wall makes the place look rather gross!  But it all depends on how you look at it.  In my personal perspective, I see a magnificent streak of dots that take my eyes and send them shooting across a rainbow of stars!… *ahem* Yes… it depends on how you look at it.

But as my ‘friend’ Kugelmugel says, “It’s art!  It’s art!”  Everything is art.

Kugelmugel ART

It’s a Treasure Box of Countries~ Hetalia webcomic -Hidekaz Himaruya

Now, I’ve written before about a class activity in English, correct?  Previous post about it here!

The purpose of that activity really, was providing pictures for our Found Poems!  We were reading All Quiet on the Western Front, and were able to create poems on different aspects of war derived from lines in the book.

I was able to see my classmates’ art and poems during the presentation days, and it was absolutely wonderful!  Mr. T has been showing us how to utilize art and blend it with writing.  Through the visuals, the poem meanings were amplified by a   hundredfold.  Ah, the power of art.  Amazing.

Me praising

-The Spades ♠