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As a kid, I still distinctly remember the time I first experienced comedy in animations. I remember randomly flipping through channels and seeing a show that went by a odd but memorable name. “Bobobo-bobo-bobo” By the end of show, my belly hurt from laughing and I just wanted to watch more.

Learning about comedy in class, this particular anime/cartoon was the first thing that came to mind when I thought about all the comedy-related anime I had watched.

This show honestly cannot be taken seriously at all. All it is basically about is the adventures of a man with a huge yellow afro going around beating bald people, who terrorize the land with their no hair policy, by using his nose hair as he makes friends to join in the action. Just plain silly right? But that’s the whole beauty of the show!

One of the main things that I absolutely loved about this anime and found hilarious were the characters themselves. While Bobobo seems like an powerful individual, he quickly ruins this image through his nonsensical behavior and attacks. When he goes up against a powerful opponent, Bobobo yells out the name of his attack that actually seems effective…that is until you see it for yourself.

Whether it is an army of 300 high school girls marching at the enemy or tiny people popping out of Bobobo’s hair (or even his nose), Bobobo’s attacks are always strangely quite effective.  I honestly can never expect a serious attack from this guy but at the same time I know that he can’t lose. Why? Because in the end, even the enemies are just as hilarious and random.

But sadly for those hard-working Hair-Hunt troops, their serious attacks never seem to have the effect they desire.

“You turned me into a carrot!!!”

Now if that isn’t enough, Bobobo is usually joined in his antics by two other well-known characters of this series: Don Patch and Jelly Jiggler. Don Patch throughout the whole show is obsessed with wanting to steal the spotlight and I particular think that he has somewhat succeeded because in the end, his silliness rivals that of Bobobo’s. As for Jelly Jiggler, I love his obsession for jelly (while being a blue jelly himself) and always laugh when both Bobobo and Don Patch take advantages of him. Well, then again, the three of them do a good job taking advantages of one another. But the three has always remained close friends. (Want to see the three of them in action? Click here!)

Wonderful friends~ Because friendship comes first! After using them as a shield to protect himself

This show truly is a good representative of use of the unexpected and exaggeration techniques found in comedy. You cannot expect what strange thing the group of the hair saviors would do next and at the same time you can’t guess how the Hair Hunt troops would react. In class, I watched a movie Galaxy Quest and had to look over a packet on the topic of comedy. While Galaxy Quest did have hilarious unexpected moments, I noticed that there was a limit of exaggeration that could be shown. The actors were real life people placed in a real authentic setting, and as a result, the directors and/or writers had to limit the exaggeration so that the act could be performed. But  in the art of animation, this is an entirely different story. Mangakas and the producers of the animation can make the characters do whatever they wanted to since the characters, the setting, and the plot were all drawn out and under their full control. The producers of Bobobo-bobo-bobo used extreme exaggeration and unexpected moments that I am pretty sure could not achieve the same success in the world of comedy if it was acted out by people. I mean, how can real life people make various things ranging from talking ducks to just tiny people pop out of their afros? And I don’t think people will be willing to come out of alligators’ mouth…

Bobobo-bobo-bobo is not the only show out there that has this element of exaggeration combined with the unexpected. Gintama is also a popular anime that is similar to Bobobo-bobo-bobo but is a more serious parody while achieving humor through other means/techniques. Comedy is found in all forms of art, whether it is literature, acted-out shows, or drawn cartoons/anime. Although you may not realize this while holding your stomach and laughing endlessly, comedy is achieve through specific use of particular techniques, all planned out to produce a great laugh. While I mainly referred to the farce comedy, all comedy differ and can be sorted into different types. After all, different usage of techniques can produce various forms of laughs.

So maybe next time you are watching a good comedy show, you just might be able to differentiate comedies and noticed how comedy can be planned out with the right use of setting and characters~ Who knows? You might have a large gasp~

-The Diamonds ♦